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Scientific Sessions - PDF

Scientific Sessions, Saturday, November 16, 2013

 1A Bioinformatics I

Location: Manning

Session Chairs:                 

Michael Bauer, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Eric C. Rouchka, D.Sc., University of Louisville

10:30 AM         Highlight Speaker, Michael Bauer, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Leveraging the Old with the New: Integration of Historic Microarray Studies with Next Gen Sequencing for Multiple Myeloma

11:00 AM         Davida Crossley, Alcorn State University, Characterizing the Function of the M46 Gene in the Pathogenic Fungus Histoplasma capsulatum

11:15 AM         Sarah M. Schrader, Western Kentucky University, Bioinformatic Analysis of Mycobacteriophage TiroTheta9

11:30 AM         Devaun McFarland, University of South Carolina, Utility of msTALI in Protein Active Site Identification

11:45 AM         Erich Peterson, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Variant Consensus Reporter: Increasing the Confidence of Variants in Whole Exome Sequencing via a Consensus Approach

1B Cancer I

Location: Salon A

Session Chairs:                 

Scott Weed, Ph.D., West Virginia University

Lori Hensley, Ph.D., Ouachita Baptist University, Arkansas

10:30 AM         Highlight Speaker, Seetharama Satyanarayanajois, Ph.D., University of Louisiana at Monroe, EGFR heterodimerization: Dynamics, docking and inhibition of signaling for breast, lung and ovarian cancer

11:00 AM         Stuart Grimes, Clemson University, Nanoparticle Delivery of Non-Toxic Drugs to Enhance the Efficacy of Chemotherapeutic Drugs

11:15 AM         Greg Phelps, Arkansas State University, Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Guanine Triphosphate Cyclohydrolase 1 Activity

11:30 AM         Lori L. Hensley, Ph.D., Ouachita Baptist University, Antitumor effects of the synthetic cannabinoid ajulemic acid on Ewing’s sarcoma

11:45 AM         Donald J. Johann, Jr., Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Towards computer assisted laser microdissection

1C Cardiovascular Research

Location: Arkansas Ballroom

Session Chairs:                 

Daniel R. Kapusta, Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Dakota Pouncey, Hendrix College


10:30 AM         Highlight Speaker, Minolfa C. Prieto, M.D., Ph.D., Tulane University, School of Medicine, Deletion of prorenin receptor in the collecting duct attenuates blood pressure in angiotensin II hypertensive mice

11:00 AM         Dakota Pouncey, Hendrix College, Identifying Potential R/S-Warfarin Metabolite Biomarkers to Improve Anticoagulant Dosing Strategies in Children

11:15 AM         Rachel N Stamp-Siegfried, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, Effects of Daily Kangaroo Care on Cardiorespiratory Parameters in Preterm Infants

11:30 AM         Sarah Bishop, Ouachita Baptist University, Protective effects of aqueous extract of Terminalia arjuna bark against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity

11:45 AM         Nalini Santanam, Ph.D., MPH, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, Marshall University, Perivascular Fat Relation to Hypertension and Coronary Artery Disease

1D Cell Signalling

Location: Hoffman

Session Chairs:

Emilia Galperin, Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Helen Beneš, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


10:30 AM        Highlight Speaker, Guo-Lei Zhou, Ph.D., Arkansas State University, GSK3 phosphorylates the actin regulatory protein CAP1 to control the actin cytoskeleton and cell polarization

11:00 AM         Timothy M. Horton, Ouachita Baptist University, Inhibiting recognition of the B-cell receptor by the tyrosine kinase Syk

11:15 AM         James A. Stahl, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Global phosphoproteomic analyses define host signaling networks usurped for gammaherpesvirus replication

11:30 AM         Jeffrey Sifford, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Productive MHV68 infection compromises the cellular p53 signaling pathway

11:45 AM         Emilia Galperin, University of Kentucky, HUWE1 is a molecular link controlling RAF-1 activity supported by the Shoc2 scaffold

2A General Biomedical Sciences

Location:  Hoffman

Session Chairs:                 

Angus MacNicol, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Stephanie Byrum, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


2:45 PM           Highlight Speaker, Jeffrey Anker, Ph.D., Clemson University, Luminescent sensing and imaging through tissue

3:15 PM           Angus MacNicol, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, A Novel Bioassay to Identify Chemical Regulators of Stem Cell Self-Renewal

3:30 PM           Dustin Walter, Ouachita Baptist University, A Radial Diffusion Assay for the Rapid Evaluation of Antimicrobial Peptides

3:45 PM           Ameya S Gokhale, University of Louisiana Monroe, Surface epitopes of CD2 protein to inhibit CD2-CD58 protein-protein interaction as therapeutic agent for arthritis

4:00 PM           Stephanie Byrum, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Purification of a Specific Native Genomic Locus for Proteomic Analysis

2B Infectious Disease/Immunology I

Location: Manning

Session Chairs:                 

Gus Konsoulas, Ph.D., Louisiana State University

Karl Boehme, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


2:45 PM           Highlight Speaker, Sanjay Batra, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Lipid rafts influence the formation of immunoproteasomes via RIP2/NLR pathway against Klebsiella pneumoniae

3:15 PM           Carrie S. Yang, Hendrix College, Ibrutinib, a potential treatment for chronic Graft versus Host Disease inhibits T-helper 17 activation and release of IL-17A

3:30 PM           Eduardo Salinas, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Enhancement of Gammaherpesvirus Productive Infection by TRIM21 as Revealed through a Proteomics-based LANA Interaction Screen

3:45 PM           Yun Xiang, Clemson University, A quantitative evaluation of the binding affinity between antibody decorated liposomes and the antigen using SPR

4:00 PM           Logan Blancett, The University of Southern Mississippi, Characterization of the nitrogen regulatory protein AREA in the dimorphic fungus Histoplasma capsulatum

2C Neuroscience

Location:  Salon A

Session Chairs:                 

Robert Doerksen, Ph.D., University of Mississippi

Melanie MacNicol, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

2:45 PM           Highlight Speaker, Melanie C. MacNicol, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Science, Control of neural stem cell differentiation and survival through manipulation of Musashi-mediated mRNA translation

3:15 PM           Mahmoud Kiaei, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Nrf2 Activation as novel therapeutic strategy for ALS and its Neuroprotective Mechanisms in Astrocytes and Motor Neurons

3:30 PM           Miki S. Lindsey, University of Central Arkansas, Calpain Inhibition Blocks Tributyltin Induced Neurodegeneration

3:45 PM           Pankaj Pandey, University of Mississippi, Utilizing the ensemble docking method for ranking and selection of representative cannabinoid receptor subtype 2 (CB2) models

4:00 PM           Julie Stenken, Ph.D., University of Arkansas, Microdialysis Sampling of Cytokine Cell Signaling Proteins in Neuroscience and Wound Healing Applications

2D Undergraduate Research

Location:  Arkansas Ballroom

Session Chairs:                 

Marty Perry, Ph.D., Ouachita Baptist University, Arkansas

Tim Horton, Ouachita Baptist University, Arkansas

2:45 PM           John Butler and Kirby Von Edwins, Cell Signalling, Ouachita Baptist University, A Comparative Genomics Approach to Link Plant and Animal Oxidative Stress Signaling Pathways

3:15 PM           Jennifer Greene, General Biomedical Sciences, University of Charleston, WV, Analysis of polymeric gels for the transdermal delivery of capsaicin for the treatment of chronic low back pain

3:30 PM           Amy Ni, Neuroscience, Western Kentucky University, Time-course of effects of growth hormone (GH) and GH antagonist on auditory hair cell regeneration in zebra fish (Danio rerio)

3:45 PM           Boyang Piao, Infectious Disease/Immunology, Louisiana State University, Understanding the mucus production of a human respiratory paramyxovirus infection (ID24)

4:00 PM           Franshawn Mack, Cancer, South Carolina State University, Evaluating the Reliability of the ARTQ in Assessing Cancer Clinical Trial Perceptions in a Predominantly Black Sample in SC

Scientific Sessions, Sunday, November 17, 2013

3A Bioinformatics II

Location:  Hoffman

Session Chairs:                 

Glen Shearer, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi

Somdutta Saha, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

10:00 AM         C. Stephen Embry, University of Arkansas at Little Rock/University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, NeedleAnalyzer: A Data Analysis Tool for LCMS-Based Untargeted Metabolomics Data

10:15 AM         Arjang Fahim, University of South Carolina, nDh-PDPA: n-Dimensional Hybrid Probability Density Profile Analysis

10:30 AM         Somdutta Saha, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences/University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Defining the Recognition Elements of Lewis Y-Reactive Antibodies

10:45 AM         Katelyn Robillard, Southeastern Louisiana University, Investigation of the Mechanism of Apparent HPLC Solvent Interference with an Avidin-Binding Assay

11:00 AM         Mihir Jaiswal, University of Arkansas Little Rock/University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, XLPM: X-linked Peptide Mapping Algorithm

11:15 AM         Nathan Crabtree, University of Arkansas Little Rock/University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Adapting a computational evolution system to the analysis of RNA-Seq treatment/response differential gene expression data

 3B Cancer II

Location:  Salon A

Session Chairs: 

Karen Martin, Ph.D., West Virginia University

Joshua Sakon, Ph.D., University of Arkansas

10:00 AM         Highlight Speaker, Jorge I. Rodriguez-Dévora, Ph.D., Clemson University, Miniaturized Bioprinting Platform for Personalized Cancer Therapy

10:30 AM         Scott A. Weed, West Virginia University                , Monitoring changes in cervical lymph nodes by high-frequency ultrasound in a 4-NQO mouse model of oral cancer

10:45 AM         Laura Strossner, Ouachita Baptist University, Creating Model Systems to Study the Effects of Ajulemic Acid on Solid Pediatric Tumors

11:00 AM         Shweta Chavan, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Profiling Multiple Myeloma Engraftment Phenomena via an in-vivo SCID Mouse Model and RNA-seq

11:15 AM         Joshua Sakon, Ph.D., University of Arkansas, Targeting mechanism of prototypical collagen binding domains from clostridial collagenase

3C Infectious Disease/Immunology II

Location:  Manning

Session Chairs:

Mark Smeltzer, Ph.D., University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences

Ahmad Saied, Louisiana State University


10:00 AM        Highlight Speaker, Antonieta Guerrero-Plata, Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Type III interferon response by respiratory paramyxovirus infection

10:30 AM         Jason S. Stumhofer, University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences, ICOS-mediated Tfh cell differentiation during Plasmodium chabaudi infection

10:45 AM        Ahmad Saied, Louisiana State University, Functional Hierarchy of HSV-1 Membrane Proteins in Corneal Infection and Virus Transmission to Ganglionic Neurons

11:00 AM         Brent Stanfield, Louisiana State University, Vaccination with the HSV-1 Attenuated Virus VC2 Protects Mice against Lethal Challenge with Virulent HSV-1 and HSV-2 strains

11:15 AM         Gyan S. Sahukhal, University of Southern Mississippi, Defining a New Operon, msa, and its Role in Biofilm Development and Virulence